Group Exercise Classes


The Zumba program uses Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow dance moves to create a one-of-a-kind work out. Come join us for a 50-minute calorie burning, body energizing, dance fitness party.
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Tae Bo Fitness

The Tae Bo exercise program was created to challenge you on many levels. The rewards will be felt from the inside out. Tae Bo combines the aspects of boxing and martial arts with the rhythm of dance. You will have fun while improving your strength, agility and cardiovascular health. Tae Bo is for every fitness level, it can get you started or take you to the next level.

Total Body Sculpt

Ask around--you'll hear that Tiffany's TBS class leaves you wonderfully spent. Using a variety of equipment, including weights, BOSU, sports steps, bodyweight, Reebok steps, and mats, no body part is left behind in this mega calorie-burning, muscle-pumping, and cardiovascular workout.
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Fun full body workout! The class' emphasis will be on bodyweight exercises to build core strength, tone muscle, improve balance, and burn calories. Workouts will also incorporate studio equipment such as dumbbells, pilates balls, resistance bands, balance balls, and gliders to take your workout to the next level!


Yoga is a low impact activity that uses only gravity as resistance. Certain yoga positions can be safely used to strengthen and balance all parts of the body, promoting blood flow and keeping the body systems healthy. This class is designed to tone, strengthen, increase flexibility and align the body.
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Fit over 50

This is a low impact class designed to give a full body workout. This class is for strength and building cardiovascular. Whether your over age 50 or just beginning your fitness journey this class is a great place to be.

Group Exercise Classes

Looking to add some excitement and variety to your workout routine? Join the group exercise classes at Grit Fitness! Our dynamic classes are designed to challenge and motivate you, while providing a fun and supportive atmosphere.

Whether you're looking to improve your cardio with high-energy classes like Zumba and Tae-Bo, build strength and flexibility with yoga, or tone and sculpt with Booty Builder and other resistance-based classes, we've got you covered.

Led by expert instructors with years of experience, our classes cater to all fitness levels and are designed to help you reach your goals, whatever they may be. Plus, our supportive community of members will help keep you accountable and on track. So why wait? Join the Grit Fitness community today and start achieving your fitness goals!

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