Why is Grit Labs Small Group Training Unique?

Grit Labs incorporates functional training which means we train your body for the way you move in everyday life.

Grit Labs combines resistance training and cardio in one powerful and efficient workout so you can get in and out.

Members are placed in small groups so you get the individualized attention you need while benefiting from the ENERGY, COMRADERY, and FUN of playing on a team!!

Grit Labs leverages fitness technology to help validate your results.

Bottom Line… if you want the fastest results without any guesswork, you should spend time here. Simply show up and let Grit Labs take care of the rest!

How is Grit Labs different than Crossfit | Group Exercise Classes | Bootcamp

Grit Labs is not just some workouts or classes. Its a complete training method and program! Think of it as personal training within a group. Grit labs offer a professionally crafted program with integrated technology that strategically progresses the user to a specific fitness destination by incorporating a variety of exercises, formats, and phases. The fluid programming integrates a number of multidisciplinary approaches providing immediate feedback. This ensures the user is approaching an executing the movements and exercises correctly each time. 

How is Grit Labs different than Personal Training?

Grit Labs is a Group Personal Training with Personal Training elements. Personal Training sessions are included with your Grit Labs program. The one on one Personal Training is customized for your individual needs. During the Grit Labs workout sessions, you will approach the workouts specific to the phase of the program you are in. On days when you work with the Personal Trainer, your Coach can slow down and really focus on the things that are specific to you. You get the best of both worlds at one affordable price!

Do I need a Heart Rate Monitor?

Yes! In order to maximize your results, the heart rate monitor serves as a useful resource for the session. As the coach guides you through your session, the heart rate monitor indicates whether you should push harder or slow down. It also shows how many calories you burn and the intensity points through the workout session. This number gives us half of the equation to be able to help with your nutrition.

How do the phases work?

Learn - Since everyone who begins Grit Labs is new to the program, we have them start in Learn. This phase is 2-6 weeks, depending gon the member's needs. In this phase, you will learn the techniques of movements, learn the variety of workout formats, meet with fellow members of Grit Labs, and have fun! 

Burn - The goal is max calorie burn. The member will focus on lighter weights quick transitions between exercises, and pushing higher heart rates.

Build - The goal is to focus on building strength, power, and muscle tone. The member will slow down focusing on adding weight and lower reps. 

Active - The goal is to keep consistency with exercise while adding recreational hobbies. Members will go in between the burn and build phase for 2-4 weeks. This phase focuses on the maintenance of the results you've earned.

The coaches will help you move through the phases. Each month you'll be measured and instructed on what your next phase is, how long you'll be in it, and how to approach the workout. It's important that you don't stay in phase 1 too long or you'll plateau. 

How do I track my progress?

After each workout, you are automatically emailed a workout summary. You will see how many calories you have burned and your average heart rate. The coaches will use this data to help gauge your results and decide which is the next phase you'll need to be in based on your goals. It's just one of the ways that we leverage technology to validate and prove your results! 


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